True Lies, Malmoe, Sweden, is a guitar-Rocknroll band mostly in the American tradition of rock. Influenced by bands/artists like Neil Young, Iggy Pop, NY Dolls, The Replacements a.s.o.
T.L. released their 6th album, “Hoarse” on Vinyl/Cd (Rootsy) in march 2019.
The album did get really great reviews and T.L. followed it up with a lot of live gigs. Some singles were released from the album. “Ronson” and especially “Strain” got a lot of airplay in Europe and in the USA.
On the 4th of June 2021 ,the first brand new song “Hush!Hush!Hush!” was released.
”The Grip” was the second single out from forthcoming album! It was released on February 11 2022.

”Sleepwalk ”(lyrics by Peter Antony) is the third single from the new album “New World Blues”, True Lies’ 7th album, release day is the 10th of June – 2022.
See you out there folks